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Female journalists undergo training on gender-based violence

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The National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) in cooperation with the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) conducted a Training Workshop for Women Journalists on Gender-based Violence and Human Rights in Mogadishu from 27-28 November 2018 in Mogadishu, Somalia.

The workshop, which was organized as part of the annual global campaign of “16 Days of Activism against Gender-based Violence”, aimed to increase young female journalists’ awareness and understanding of the different forms of Gender Based Violence (GBV) such as sexual, physical and emotional violence, and to enable them to basic human rights at workplaces and in the society.

During the two-day workshop, 26 female journalists discussed gender-based violence against women journalists inside media outlets, in their homes/families and while going out to gather news and information. Participants learned about the key ethical principles around GBV reporting, such as confidentiality, safety and privacy, and practiced methods to conduct safe and ethical interviews with survivors. Participants were also familiarized with the different forms of gender-based violence as well as the health, protection and legal aspects of GBV.

Awil Mohamud Abdi, NUSOJ Organising Secretary, said at the opening of the workshop: “Somali journalists can play very important role in ending gender-based violence through their writing to inform, raise awareness and increase knowledge of the public to take various measures to take part in ending violence against women. However, it is more important for us how to protect female journalists from gender-based violence”.

The workshop has covered rules and policies related to violence against women, violence and accountability, media and gender stereotype, journalism ethics for reporting on GBV and some experiences of women journalists who faced GBV.

“Our female colleagues are victims of gender-based violence and mostly this violence remains unreported and unchallenged, unless it is a murder case. All forms of gender-based violence are unacceptable, and we all have responsibility to expose and tackle them, even violence committed inside media houses. This must not be taboo and we get to unmask”, said Omar Faruk Osman, NUSOJ Secretary General. “We want to encourage female journalists to speak out and report such cases, and we shall make sure that their privacy is protected and this union shall take on the perpetrators”.