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What We Do

Advocacy: NUSOJ fervently advocates for media freedom, journalists' rights, workers' rights, improved working conditions, women’s empowerment and total emancipation, promoting decent work and greater social justice for all in Somalia.

Monitoring and Investigations: NUSOJ systematically monitors and investigates media freedom violations and human rights abuses against journalists. It provides accurate, prompt and impartial information concerning attacks on journalists, including killings, arrests, death threats, harassment and acts of aggression against media organizations. The organization mobilizes national and global communities to take effective action against these violations.

Information Dissemination: As a reputable and credible expert on media freedom in Somalia, NUSOJ provides a constant stream of information to local media, foreign press, local authorities, international organizations and development partners, including the United Nations. NUSOJ urges them to take necessary actions. The organization also organizes national solidarity actions in support of victimized journalists and other media professionals at risk.

Capacity Building: NUSOJ strengthens the professional competence and ethical standards of both new and established journalists through workshops, seminars, roundtables and constructive debates. This initiative has reinforced professional standards, promoted freedom of expression and access to information and enhanced the safety and security of media professionals, contributing to quality journalism, social justice and inclusive national development in Somalia.

Gender Equality: As a union representing both female and male journalists, NUSOJ is committed to gender equality and combatting gender-based violence (GBV). The union addresses sexism, discrimination and harassment across workplaces, fields and households. NUSOJ advocates for comprehensive and progressive legislation on GBV and human rights.

CCCC: NUSOJ, driven by its Convening, Convincing, Campaigning and Communicating (CCCC) capabilities, spearheads targeted efforts on climate change, peacebuilding, countering violent attitudes, promoting progressive legal reforms and advocating for the democratization of Somalia.