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NUSOJ and Aljazeera Media Institute Conclude Media Training Program for TV reporters in Mogadishu

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The National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) and the Aljazeera Media Institute (AJMI) have successfully concluded 5-day training on TV reporting for Somali journalists in Mogadishu to operate effectively and professionally as a broadcast journalist in television.

Aljazeera Senior International Correspondent Mohamed Adow

The training, which was held in Mogadishu from 8 to 12 February 2020, was especially designed to arm young TV reporters to do their job with the necessary professional tools of broadcast journalism to enable them to understand the nature of the reporter's role and his/her work in the field as well as his/her tools and responsibilities, to learn the foundations and principles of preparing a TV report and to be able to produce TV reports from the field.

Mohamed Adow (L) and Omar Faruk Osman (R)

Training course focused on introduction to TV work fundamentals, characteristics of TV journalism, different TV news formats and packaging, relationship between the reporter and the rest of the team, TV reporting mechanisms, how to make a report from the field, how to conduct interviews for television reports (form and content), The reporter's live TV message DTL (Down the Line) and walk and talk.

Training in Progress

It also instilled a degree of familiarity with the new technology as well as the language of broadcasting and the methodologies used in everyday television reporting and interviewing. The journalists were taught practical skills during the training.


The training was conducted by prominent Aljazeera Media Network’s Senior International Correspondent Mohamed Adow who commended the trainees as committed and talented young journalists. TV reporting is one of the most physically challenging television jobs, but certainly one of the most exciting and interesting ones.


“The purpose of this intense training course is to give working TV journalists the knowhow to develop their broadcast journalism skills by learning TV reporting methods. The training was held with high quality standards and it included the vocabulary theory and work practice,” said Omar Faruk Osman, NUSOJ Secretary General.

Closing session

NUSOJ and AJMI are jointly carrying out a set of specialised training courses for Somali journalists in a bid to capacitate young and aspiring journalists.