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Paying Tribute to Press Freedom Defender, Ambassador Larry E. André – U.S. Ambassador to Somalia

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It is an exceptional honour for the National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) to pay tribute to Ambassador Larry E. André, Jr, who completes his tenure as U.S. Ambassador to Somalia, where he has enjoyed the boundless appreciation and confidence of both journalists and the media freedom community at large.

As NUSOJ continues its long-established struggle for press freedom in Somalia and seeks to ensure that the country’s journalists and media can operate in safety and independence, Ambassador André has consistently been a staunch ally and defender of journalists’ rights and tireless in his efforts to protect these freedoms.

His genuine solidarity has been unparalleled and his courage in championing the principles of democracy has been clear to all. Whenever Somali journalists have come under attack, the U.S. Embassy in Mogadishu, under the leadership of Ambassador André, has done everything in its power, both privately and publicly, to defend the cause of media freedom.

In its capacity as the voice of journalists and journalism both in and outside Somalia, NUSOJ embraces this opportunity and has today recognised the achievements of this outstanding Ambassador and thanked him mostly sincerely for his unswerving solidarity. Wherever Ambassador André may eventually take up residence, Somali journalists will always count him as a friend and ally.