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Female journalist murdered, suspected journalists’ killers apprehended

The National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) condemns strongly the senseless killing of female journalist in Mogadishu.

Three young men armed with pistols shot Rahmo Abdulkadir, a female journalist working for Radio Abudwaq in Abudwaq district in Galgadud region of central Somalia. She was shot at least five times in Towfiq district in north Mogadishu, slaying her on the spot.

“We need the law enforcement agencies and the government at all levels to put a stop to the incessant and senseless killing of media practitioners,” said Omar Faruk Osman, NUSOJ Secretary General.

The female journalist recently arrived Mogadishu. She was working as producer and technician for Radio Abudwaq. Armed men followed Rahmo, 28, and started shooting her when she was close to her family’s house.

Abdkarim Ahmed Bulhan, Director of Radio Abudwaq confirmed the working status of Rahmo at the Radio station. Bulhan added that Rahmo travelled to Mogadishu for private reasons.

NUSOJ deems the killing of the female journalist as part of organised and serialized killings against journalists as well as recent Mogadishu killings against women in the society.

“Journalists’ lives are terminated in the course of carrying out their journalistic duties or in relation to their professional work. Violence against women journalists is above all inexcusable whatsoever. The perpetrators of this murder must be caught and brought to justice,” added Osman.

Rahmo Abdulkadir is the third journalist killed in Somalia in this year and the second female journalist to be killed in Somalia in a decade.

In a separate move, the National Union of Somali Journalists is welcoming the news of the arrest of three men suspected for the murder of two Radio Shabelle journalists namely Mohamed Mohamud Turyare and Abdihared Osman Adan. On Sunday, the police arrested three suspects in Madina district after an operation carried out by the police following the killing a Mogadishu airport worker.

“Justice must be served and these suspects must not be freed as happened before. Impunity surrounding the murder of journalists can only be challenged when killers are persecuted for their alleged monstrous crimes against journalists,” declared Osman. “Justice delayed is justice denied”.

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