Voices of Press Freedom: NUSOJ launches campaign to highlight plight of journalists

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1 May 2014

To mark World Press Freedom Day this year, the National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) has today launched a campaign to raise awareness of press freedom issues in Galkayo, Somalia’s second most dangerous place to be a journalist in the country since 2008.
With hopes to shed light on the plight of Galkayo journalists who have been targeted for their media work, NUSOJ releases first recorded video of Awil Mohamud Abdi, Director of Radio Galkayo who survived from number of attempts to his life. Abdi is on the top of Al-Shabaab’s hit list targeting seven journalists in Galkayo.
Awil Mohamud Abdi talks about dangerous working conditions in Galkayo and the lethal attacks on independent media. Journalists in Galkayo, like many journalists in different places in the country, are doing courageous work for Somali people. Let’s not allow them to be silenced and let’s hear their voices.
“Journalists in Galkayo have been arrested, wounded, forced to leave their town, ill-treated, and sometimes killed merely for exercising their fundamental rights to freedom of the press. Their commitment and courage should not be in vain. We must continue to amplify their voices and highlight their plight,” said Omar Faruk Osman, NUSOJ Secretary General. 

NUSOJ will be releasing recorded video of Galkayo journalists days up to the World Press Freedom Day.

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